Task Bench Desks in White

Task Bench Desks in White

Task Bench Desks in White


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FrameOne has an elegant aesthetic with clean, simple lines and neat design touches that make a powerful statement in any work environment. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, FrameOne can offer a refined and refreshing solution, no matter what you ask of it.

Light, refined aesthetic with floating tops, recessed legs and discreet cable distribution.

The flexible design adapts easily as business needs change.

These desks are available in pods of 2 up to 10.


Pod of 2: 1400 w x 1600 d
Pod of 4: 2800 w x 1600 d
Pod of 6: 4200 w x 1600 d
Pod of 8: 5600 w x 1600 d
Pod of 10: 7000 w X 1600 d

Prices include the desk partitions which are available in various colours.

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Pod Size

2, 4


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