Meeting Room

Used Meeting Room Furniture

Used Office Furniture Company has a wide selection of used meeting room furniture. From storage units, desks, chairs and accessories, we have an extensive range of used office furniture for meeting, conference and boardrooms. We work with many large corporations to deliver high-quality, branded used meeting room furniture supplying products from major brands such as Vitra, Senator, Connection, Orangebox and many more.

As well as being leading suppliers of second hand meeting room furniture we can also source new branded furniture for your meeting space.

Not find what you need? We can make meeting tables to order!

Your custom made conference table can be made to any size or shape, be it rectangular or oval. You get to take the lead on your own design and specification of your bespoke table. We advise on what is possible and what isn’t based on your space.

If you are searching for used meeting room furniture and are unsure where to start, contact our team at The Used Office Furniture Company on 023 92 674 860 and we will be more than happy to help.