The Benefits of Reusing and Donating Office Furniture

Reuse culture is good for the workplace An office refurbishment can be seen as the key to bringing an old and plain workspace back to life. It is an opportunity to represent branding and design. Conscious employees want to evolve from the 'out with the old and in with the new' mentality. Procurement departments are learning that a reuse culture leads to cost savings, meaning money can be put into other areas, such as staff activities or facilities. Embedding a...

How to Clean Fabric, Leather and Mesh Office Chairs

Most office workers spend their working week at the same desk and chair. Many of us regularly tidy and clean our desks, the same can be said for our office chairs. Eating and drinking every day at their desks accidents and spillages are bound to ocour. How do you keep your office chair free from odour and stains? Office chairs come in a variety of styles and materials, each of which need to be treated differently to avoid causing damage...

Tips for Marketing your Office Furniture Business

Why Having a Furniture Marketing Strategy Matters The furniture marketing is evolving as demographics shift and consumers buying habits change. No furniture seller can afford to have a poor marketing strategy. Having great products and stellar service isn't enough to compete. You need to be top of mind at the right time and provide a buying experience that compels shoppers to complete the sale. Having a comprehensive strategy for your furniture business will help you determine who your ideal customers...

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