COVID – 19 Impact on the furniture industry

How the Furniture Industry has impacted from Covid - 19 Producers like Herman Miller and Steelcase, focus on selling through their own dealers to companies that bought ergonomic chairs and desks that employ teams of designers and technicians to deliver and install them. None of them were prepared for a flood of orders for single adjustable desks for stay at home workers that are trying to figure out how to conduct Zoom meetings from space bedrooms. The post-COVID consumer has a...

Chichester High School Donations

School Donations We are specialists in providing high-end used office furniture. However on occasions during office clearances, we collect chairs and office furniture that we are unable to resell as it doesn’t fit the remit of our clients. Rather than send this to landfill we would like to help the education system and donate to local schools. Many of the items we have are unmarked and have had very little use. This time round we have been fortunate enough to partner...

Reducing Back Pain

Reducing Back Pain The substantial body of research concludes that a sedentary lifestyle leads to severe back problems as well as other serious health conidtions, the average person spends approximately 55% of their waking hours sitting. Mainting a static position for too long causes stiffness and tension to develop around the spine consequently can lead to short term back condition. With lockdown causing a lot of people to work from home we recommend purchasing an ergonomic fully adjustable office chair...

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