Author - mooidev

What does your Desk say about you?

The Cluttered Desk This desk always has missing stationery, a leaning tower of papers and maybe even some of last week’s lunch. They never seem to throw anything away. Sound familiar? Having a messy desk may sound bad, but in fact, it’s not necessarily true. The Cluttered desk shows an interactive, popular worker who is outgoing and confident. They are extroverted and extremely welcoming to their fellow co-workers. It is said that the cluttered desk is more creative than their fellow tidier...

How to keep your Office Desk organised!

We’ve all heard the old adage that an organised desk leads to an organised mind. While your colleagues might not mind what your desk looks like, a messy surface gives the impression of disorganisation. An organised office is a key to staying focused, allowing for more productive and efficient work performance. Here are five ways to transform your office into a productive working.